Formulated Exclusively for Pure Laboratories Inc., USA

Pure Laboratories Inc., USA

Pure Laboratories was originally established in the mid-1960’s in the United States (New York area) as a manufacturer and marketer of prescription ethical pharmaceuticals. In the mid 70’s, ownership recognized that attractive opportunities also existed in the baby products space in Asia due to high birth rates and the first hints of coming economic growth.

Consistent with the company’s belief that modern mothers would increasingly seek out innovative and safe products, Pure Laboratories established through a sister company, a product development center in Malaysia.The project was spearheaded by a young, visionary pharmacist, and thus Pureen was born as a brand catering to the needs of local Asian parents and their children.

The combination of a U.S.-based parent and local research and product development capability yields a company sensitive both to the latest worldwide trends in child care and local tastes.